Pay attention – here’s the science bit

27 Feb

YOUR game is under attack. As leaked in various websites, at the upcoming CSM election you’ll see the single biggest powerbloc in Eve launch a cynical, deliberate and manipulative attempt to seize control of the CSM. NC and their partners Goonswarm are no longer content with managing most of 0.0. They’re now conniving to take control of your council.

They‘ll use the information gained under Non-Disclosure Agreement to wheedle every possible in-game advantage, exploiting the privileged access to safeguard their own political interest.

Worst of all they’ll almost certainly succeed. The NC and Goonswarm will use block voting (carefully co-ordinated between member corporations) to ensure this. They’ll have tens of thousands of votes available at the drop of a hat.

I’ll predict what we’ll see in this campaign.

  • Numerous NC / Goon alliance leaders standing
  • Slick spin doctors attempting to present their takeover as ‘the mavericks against the establishment’. They now ARE the establishment, and to pretend otherwise is now ludicrous.
  • Wheedling between these candidates, meetings behind closed doors, to steer the campaign
  • Organised forum campaigns to smear opponent candidates

It can’t possibly be good to have a single group controlling all the assets in game AND the mechanism for influencing the devs. It’s therefore, with a sense of duty, that I stand for CSM.


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