Join the campaign – half a Billion isk prizepot!

25 Feb

Can you smell that? That’s the smell of CHANGE. Change with just a hint of bacon crisps.

Around the world, change is sweeping through nation upon nation. Dictator after dictator is falling. Now, more than ever, a Hero is needed. That hero is me, and I need you to spread the word. Join the tens of millions of campaigners who are fighting to make a difference and add your voice. Send me your “Windy for the Win” photo and you might just get your share of 500m isk.

The day before the CSM campaign finishes I’ll be announcing the 1st place (350m isk), second place (100m isk) and third place (50m isk) prizewinners.

What’s that? You got “Windy for the Win” tatooed across your girlfriend’s buttocks? You’re in with a shout. Hrrm? You climbed everest and placed a “Windy for the Win” flag at the top? You wrote “Windy for the Win” in chips from your big fat local takeaway? Get out and excercise, you lardass.

Email your photographic / photoshopic / MSpaintic entries to me now at Fight the good fight, brothers!




One Response to “Join the campaign – half a Billion isk prizepot!”

  1. President Obama February 25, 2011 at 10:54 pm #

    Whenever I am confused or lonely, I ask ‘What Would Windy Do’

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